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Huwebes, Enero 2, 2014

Hunger Games: Catching Meals (Extended Breastfeeder's Quest)

I am still nursing my 14 month old son and these past few weeks GRABE, I am getting more hungry than ever. Last year, i am hungry too but this time, i can't get full anymore. The word ''busog' is no longer in my vocabulary. Now i eat a lot, BIG FREQUENT FEEDINGS. I am very petite (5 feet tall, weighing only 36 to 40kg --that's my normal weight scale since teenage years and even until now at age 26 and have two kids) and i wanted to gain weight to be 'normal' in the eyes of the many (yeah, including you perhaps? Hehe). But even with my super big appetite and excessive eating, i just can't achieve my dream weight (but I do some excercises but just for toning my abs and butt for vanity puposes lang, hehe di naman siguro yun sobrang nakakapayat). I know many of you will tell me how lucky i am for not getting fat ever.

But my hunger is not so cool anymore, i literally live in the kitchen now, even my mouth get tired chewing. I spend the entire day eating and get a headache if i can't have a meal for maximum of only 3 hours after the last one. It's a challenge for me as a stay-at-home mom and i have no nannies for my kids so I usually struggle having the chance to prepare and eat lots of food like ALL the freaking time. I am also super thirsty. I am not pregnant, but my appetite is many many times bigger than during my pregnancies.

And coz i eat and drink a lot, I also pee and poop a lot (my normal bowel movement when I was a dalaga is twice a day, I just have an incredibly fast metabolism then ngayon dadagdagan pa ng more toilet sessions). I got worried I might be orally fixated or might have some metabolic or hormonal diseases. But I felt glad nasa popular google search ang 'excessive hunger during breastfeeding' and felt relieved to hear stories from other moms and discovered that i am not alone and I am just as normal as other extended breastfeeders.

I am just so amazed of how my body works just to provide the best snack drink (extended breastfeeding) for my toddler. God is a genius, He designed women's bodies to become nurturers of little earthlings, however difficult (and hungry) it takes. Nakakapagod man ang kumain ng kumain nang hindi nabubusog, and halos hihimatayin na ako sa 'starvation' na feeling (feeling ko lang yun, ang sikip na ng pants ko) if hindi makakain ng meal every now and then, OKAY lang basta para sa anak. At sana naman magka laman na talaga ako nito para maging voloptuous na ang aking stick-figure body! Hehe Let my real-life Hunger Games begin! ;)

Lunes, Setyembre 9, 2013

WIFEYDIARIES: Dealing with a DOTAholic Husband

I am getting pissed of with married men or family guys who are DOTA addicts. They spend most of their time with the game and with the same barkada, most are not "familiado" or if ever they are, they have nannies and helpers and labanderas. They are more pushed closer to their addiction as their barkadas push each other to play and spend more & more time playing the game.  Instead of getting excited for the RD (Rest Days) for some QT (Quaity Time) with family or friends, they are so eager to add up "butt sores" on their asses as they play DOTA (for 10 hours or more!) They isolate themselves to others who can influence them to be a better father, lover and goal-driven, responsible, mature individual. They simply waste their time playing the game. They could have made a career in sports or arts or any income-generating bussinesses or just simply have a date with the wife. They could have strengthen their family life or relationship with their loved ones. Having DOTA addiction is not that far from having other addiction like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling, forbidden sex, and other disgusting vices available out there. They all bring out the worse in oneself.


HAHAHA Yes, I am just not against computer games. In fact, am one of the very very rare girls who play StarCraft. At first I practiced at home, when we had our new computer and it's cool, my brain becomes more strategic and alert. And if I play it at school (i mean, the computer shop atbang sa school. haha), feeling-hawd na kaayo ko whenever the small boys make tapok on my back to see my game, a girl player's game. hahaha Those were the days, I'm a mother now, no time for silly games. But if i had the chance, I'd really love to play this DOTA too and to finally enter my hubby's world. (Naks! ka swerte naman talaga ng husband ko for having a wife like me. hehe Just kidding). #Pagyaytime lang naman, eh kaso wala. I say, it's not very good to play online games because this can be very addictive but it's not also bad to learn it and play with your partner because this too can be considered as your bonding moments. AGAIN, PAG-MAY-TIME. Will wait for it... Candy Crush lang muna ako. hmmm

Back to the addiction. My husband is one of them. Another kalerky wifey and hubby commotion is up and I was only triggerred because of his labada that was left inside the washer for a day, and I hate clothes smelling like shit. I was happy na sana that he volunteered to help out with my piles of family laundry. I cannot possibly hang dry all those clothes while babywearing (our baby is teething and even if I am away for like one second, he'll know!) and with the added task of babysitting our hyper kid, there's just no way out. Not even a chance to eat full meals (the hunger triggered me to get mad!).  And we were unable to attend holy masses because he spends hoursssssss w/ DOTA. Puwera gaba.

We are helper-less (can't afford nannies/kasambahay) but I hope I am not the only one playing the role as the helper here. My gosh, I am married to become his wife, not his muchacha. Di naman din kasi porque he puts money on the table, only he has the right to have his chill time. Heck, I haven't even have videoke and beer for a year now, and it's fine w/ me. All I need is some assistance so I could do basic human needs: eat, bathe, take a shit (defecate). This No-nanny mom-of-two life I have is making me crazy if I am just all alone with this. 

THE BARGAINING (a.k.a. 4th stage of Death)
And take note, hubby's no businessman but whenever he "defends" these kinds of activities (which is just so normal for all the other guys I know, because bilang lalake, they "deserve" it daw), that whenever he makes time pass by through computer games, his defense would be, "well, it's better than drinking beer all night long" And whenever he drinks beer all night long, (this was our BROADCASTED problem last February, remember? HAHAHA I backed-out from our supposedly church wedding) he'd defend, "well, beer is better than having another woman." Winner!!!

THE ACCEPTANCE (5th stage of Death. haha Oh dear! This is as shitty as Death, isn'it?)
Of course my soft heart says that it's a win-win situation (na lang) for us. Di pa ko ana? di daw xa mag beer og di daw mang-babae (mang-lake lang?) hehe Sorry I can't english them (this is a blog, by the way.)  It's just freakishly weird that he has this big problems about his PAST TIME while here I am, so running out of time (esp. now that I need time to prepare for our baby's baptism & birthday which is just weeks to go. HUHUHU), that's so shit on my part. He always sees to it that when he's home, he's already so tired so that he'd just jump into our bed and have a good sleep. Why don't we have sex everyday na lang? haha (I missed that, we used to do it 3x daily but because of DOTA shit, I'm running out of it-- sorry, I'm a  very sexual woman lang jud.) But I'm starting to think he's slowly transforming into a gay. hahahah His DOTA playmates are mostly gay din kasi. hmmmmm. Hehe

There's a huge difference between the sexes. Men are less mature than women. Any other wives and moms out there can attest, relate and testify to this BITTER truth. But the men, young and old, find this really really FUNNY coz they can relate (uuuy, aminin!) and that they find it amusing for women to always fuss about their guy's "selfie" acts (yung tipong ang lalake lang ang may karapatang mag enjoy). But well, #dawatdawatlang... This is a wife's life. Gotta deal with my "Young Mommy Life Adventures" and accept the shit. I signed up for this, to get married to become a nanny & labandera and there's no turning back.

For this happening (nag OT na naman si banakels sa DOTA while I am sooooo needing help for hanging the labada, cleaning the room, eat a full meal, manage my online business, so many orders declined na tuloy,huhuhu etc). Because of all tgese, it's a shame but I freakingly texted my husband's workmates to stop "inviting" him for computer games because I need him here to assist me and I hope that they could understand even if they can't relate w/ this Family Life shit. Hahaha Taray ni mader! Nag-text jud murag mama nagita's anak. But the shame isn't on me. Another living proof of the rumors I heard from veteran wives and moms, that the male species are the weaker sex. I hate to be feminist, but MEN really are the weaker sex. Slow to mature, slow to realize ehat's important, and so easy to give in to YOLO-ing. 

I may sound so boring but sometimes being boring means growing up or just simply learning to face the "family-man" kinda life, and hashtag that #nganongnienter. Hehe Ok, so this will go to my "young mommy life" blog catergory, something to laugh at when we get older and hubby's mature, finally, in God's time (women said it's a minimum of 10 years.) Oh well, maghihintay ako magpakailanman. 


Lunes, Setyembre 2, 2013

MOMMYDIARIES: Reflecting on my Financial Wizardry

Maalaan na jud kog wakwak ani kay kadlawn manglaba og manghalay. Before mangmata ang mga amo, dapat human na. Dapat sad humana kog kaligo (xettt katugnaw raba jud!) kay if di ko kaligo og una, never na jud ko kaligo throughout the day. Hegs xa, but mami-miss ko to someday. ;)

Bisayang blog lang, wa pakoy pamahaw ok? haha So ayun, ang mga "Bossing" ko, minsan lang sila bata, minsan lang din ako magkakaganito. Hindi mahirap alagaan si bunso (in fact, super easy baby lang xa) as compared to AC na kelangan talaga super duper high ang energy ng babysitter (ako, siyempre, walay yaya nga maka survive niya) but now that dalagita na siya, I can feel na malapit na ma-ubos ang oras ko. Hindi ako mamamatay. haha But I will face another phase in life and it'll be sooner than I think it is coz super fast ang time. I had a goal of having two kids by the age of 25 and before 30s, dapat may stable job AND stable income-generating business na ako. I have four more years left. Sana maka habol sa quota. By the age of 40, I have two teenagers na so dapat triple na ang aking pera niyan, mga panuhak nga bag-ong tubo, mangayo na pod ni og mga high-end gadgets, need muna magpa rich ni mader, yung tipong ala-Napoles ang determination & wit sa pagpo-provide for her kids. Oh davah, naging role model na xa. Ako na jud. But siyempre, not like her na by ALL means ang peg, even if billions ang korakoton. 

Atoa, simple lang, hago2 din pag may time then pamuggasay then apply my super kuripot talent and sales talk. hehe Help me Lord. Please. Just a few years to go before my deadline ends. I want to afford this and that and those ASAP. Sana naman matulungan din ako sa mga words of wisdom nila Robert, Francis, Bo, and all other fianncial wizards. Alam kong isa  din akong financial wizard di lang dahil nakasaad sa aking zodiac sign. But there must be a reason why I am always the Class Treasurer even since Grade school and nung high school, kugihan kaayo ko mamaligya'g bisa'g unsa, borloloys, e-loads, etc. Then my online Saori-Sari store and Likhanisaosao came up. But on hiatus pa muna coz di pa kaya sa budget ni hubby and most of all, sa "time" coz I prefer to "career" talaga this motherhood thingy (ang buyaaaag, super enjoy ako esp. now na Smart Parenting ang peg) during the most crucial years of a human beings' life (newborn to toddler, magbasa kayo ng Psychology books para malaman niyo bakit). After that, since kids are not kids forever naman, I will have my time to SHINE.

HALA ka grabeng pag reflect2 samtang nag-hayhay lang. Hahaha Good day everyone! ;)

Linggo, Setyembre 1, 2013

BIRTHDAYS: AC's Colorful 4th Birthday Celebration

A little story about AC's birthday this year, my English skills are just kinda off today, sorry sa bisdak inato blogging. It's September 1st, the first day of the “ber” months, meaning, it’s my chid’s birthday once again! But few days back, just when I was so ready to prepare for our firstborn's 4th birthday party, on payday, hubby's card was 'eaten' by the ATM and sweldo is a week delayed. Yes, no sweldo, and he only had pocket-money left on hand. If only you saw his face, he was like a little kid na kahilakooooon kaayo ka wa gitagaa'g candy.haha Grabe twist of fate and change of plans, this isn’t new naman so keri lang. There was one time that hubby had a VA (vehicular accident) a few days before AC’s birthday and I felt the same awful “zero-balance” feeling.  And knowing me, as a very strict treasurer (a.k.a. sigurista, wa-is, kuripot, barat), I would not let our 'untouchables' (savings account) get touched, that's for our bunso's 'always-moved' baptism & next year's tuition fee, I am always a fan of full-payment kasi. So yun, a little budget has become our daughter's simple (family lunch date) celebration for her birthday, plus of course w/ the help of the beloved grannies.


Again, special thanks for the grannies to back us up. The “kinakusgang apo” enjoyed her “party-party”, as she has been talking about this even a few weeks back. 
Last week, she even made a drawing of her own birthday party! Starring ang family. Can you see baby Coy (the small stick-figure), Mamita (with the big eyeglasses), and daddy (the curly one)? haha With all the balloon galore, party hats, cake, etc. that she has been repeatedly talking about. And, here's the party... The drawing turned into reality. ;)

As for the acknowledgement… Thanks everyone! 

Hubby's parents (MommyLa & DaddyLo) bought the delicious lechon manok, drinks, ice cream & cake from S&R and some “pampahaba ng buhay” delish pancit from Gorio’s.

S&R shopping

Simple handa.
It was a hot day, so our cake icing melted.

My parents (Wowa & Papa) bought the balloons, hats & candles from Panolee’s. These were AC's requests, including the gift: her very own android tablet from DCLA but it’s super Ok, AC can now play her fave games and apps & soon, she’ll be on Instagram too!

And of course Mamita's presence is still here, as represented by the boneless pork belly from Beko’s Biik. Of course, AC's great grandpa wouldn't call it a birthday w/o a litson, who would anyway?

Thanks to the grannies, we had food on the table. It's funny when our only visitors came (two nuns, our family friends), wala pang laman ang table, only empty plates. haha Good thing, the food arrived just right on time & we had a pina-abtek lunch party. We had some photos (sorry lang talaga, most are blurred, we’re kinda little hungry. hahaha)

It is a party indeed, my artistic team helped making the dining room look awesome. Hubby (& AC) pumped balloons then my mom & sister put-up the balloon-filled backdrop. Sister also got the chance to have a solo pic coz as the photographer, she wasn't included in the group pictures.

Few weeks ago, I already made a hand-painted “happy birthday” bantings/banner out of old art paper & used my recycled tarpaulin layout for her 3rd birthday (2012), AC's toddler photo collage tarp, good until her 6th birthday (ibang layout na naman sa 7th birthday party). Sulit, tipid, memorable.

Hubby and I had fun manuaIly pumping these balloons that I bought at Panolee's after attending one of Coy's playgroup session. It's just near The POD, where we have our play group. The assorted (size & colors) balloons are aroung P1 each (tag piso, coz a pack of 81 pcs. is worth P85). And so, while DIYing the balloons (whe two kids are awake, coz they love to join the fun), I also discovered another talent: balloon arrangement, & it's not easy pala talaga ha, as in! I now know why balloon decor fees are so $$$ but we had fun. Kahit papaano, I made these decors, some smiley that can stand on the floor and a flower-flower arch. Ok lang ba? I could have made more if wala akong kalong-kalong na baby while DIYing these.

Then the celebrator also took part. She personally hand-painted that #4 (just used masking tape to form the number) and also painted her name ''A-L-o-i-S-e'' while we were reviewing "name writing" for her exams last week. And so on her birthday, that's what we made as her name banner. She was also the one who volunteered decorating it to our backdrop, hanging them using a ribbon & sipit ng sampayan. As in she grabbed a chair and insisted that she do the decorating. Ayos, potential DIY assistant na 'to! ;)

Isn't it fun? Things happen for a reason & it isn't always 'how' or 'how much' we celebrate, but 'why' and 'what' we celebrate. Thank you Lord for the gift of life (AC) and of 'family', that's something great to celebrate. We may not have everything we wanted but we got just everything that we need. It’s up to you how you add colors to life.

Miyerkules, Agosto 21, 2013

MOMMYDIARIES: Family's Health is Wealth


Haven't had a cough for years now. I thought it was just "panohot", and now I'm having a cough, the "kagalkal" type and it's not cool and not good, I kinda look like TB-hon (funny but true. huhu). Plus, both my kids have sinat, not so hot naman but just unwell (ate has sipon & is not hyper, and bunso "always" wants to see me, as in ALL-the-freakin-time). Then my sister is showing some signs of Dengue (fatigue, on-off fever, metallic taste, rashes)! T.T

Definitely my money for the baptism of my almost-toddler son will be spent for some more important stuffs, again. But i don't care too much about the money, I want our good health back. I know, righteous people would suggest me to "work" already so that I could help financing our needs and wants, but I already had TOO much work to do now (full-time mom-of-two YOUNG kids) and much savings than we thouht which is more than what I would be receiving as my "supposedly" sweldo if i am employed (around 10k on breastmilk alone and 6k+ on the nannies, thousandsss on the gasoline, food, laundry allowance, etc etc-- I computed them all before going into this "battle" of familiado life.) So, unsolicited advices are not appreciated unless you are in my shoes.  We may not have much money when we "strategized" to start a family (and to graduate earlier) as young parents but we are doing the best that we can, just not that bongga kinda life that I "used to" have. As long as we are in good health, that's less gastos, so that's also wealth.

I just pray that they'd all get well STAT, esp. my little children and that I'd be spared from futher illnesses. I need my superhuman strength to fulfill the tasks of MOTHERS esp. in times like these, damn, they (moms) really are SUPERHEROES. But as the song goes, even heroes have the right to bleed. Help me God. I need more prayers too.

--Ang Gipanohot nga Mama

BABYWEARING: All You Need (and Would Love) to Know About

My Personal Experience with Babywearing 

We have seen a lot of you wondered why and how my hubby and I carry our baby in that peice of cloth-- may it be the teal stretchy one, the black tie, the green ring sling, the brown cloth, etc. People find it unique or in some sense, just plain weird. Reactions vary, some think it's heavy and difficult for the parent, or too tight for the baby, too girly (or so gay) for the dads/dudes, or just plain odd and that it's letting us "spoil" the baby, which the righteous people think that it is wrong (IMO, there's no such thing as "spoiling" a baby, babies naturally needs to be carried and not laid flat on their cribs, that will cause spinal damage and un-met emotional needs which may affect him psychologically even until adulthood, just a Psychology thingy). Here in our country (Philippines), although it has been gaining popularity, babywearing is not mainstream. You heard it right, that’s called BABYWEARING (or BW for short), which simply and obviously means “wearing your baby”. If you babywear here in our country, you're a head turner (I know, as an Attached Parent who babywears, I am experiencing that now.) 

Well, that weird thing is what saved my life as a no-nanny full-time mom-of-two wherein almost always, I need to be a superwoman, available to them all. Not to forget that I am also a wife and I am also just a girl (I have mastered putting on make-up while BW. *teehee*) and of course, I am also a cloth-diapering labandera (laundry girl of the whole family). Instead of hiring a nanny for P3.500 per month, we invested a one-time payment of not more than P2,000 for a couple of good BW carriers and that’s just it. Sulit & tipid for a young, non-rich, thrifty mama like me. 

If you can't relate with my (pathetic) situation, BW also works for other BW-enthusiasts I know.  those with a maginhawa life, making their lives more maginhawa. For the wealthier moms, BW enabled them to enjoy their vacation travels without the hassles of bringing along bulky strollers, babies are calmer on flights too. Some businesswomen or employed moms can even bring along their babies to stores/offices without any hassle. BW also made all other family and even friends get involved in child care or mother-like-bonding with the baby the hands-free way-- the grannies loved to skip “arm carrying” their beloved grandkids by “wearing” them instead. My BW support group from The POD also enjoyed the benefits of BW, our babies are in a calm-type-of alert (& smart) state and are very happy babies too. I first discovered #babywearing on Instagram, a photo-sharing app and there I discovered a lot of foreigners BW while hiking, going to the beach or even while working & doing chores coz they usually don't have helpers or nannies there, right? So, babywearing-- it's you already! (haha  Pinoy version of ikaw na talaga). Try it and find out if it works for you too.

Be Aware and then Baby Wear

BUT before trying BW and purchasing slings, equip yourself first with some knowledge about this new thing, just to be prepared. More and more amazing stuffs about BW are yet to be explored. You just have to make reading and researching a habit. If you are too busy (or lazy) or just too clueless how to research and read about this strange thing, well, you have found the right post coz I'll be featuring important reads and images from great links from trusted BW organizations and blogs. So , read along! Read read also if there's time! (If that's how to translate the Filipino term 'basa basa din pag may time' in english. haha). It's time for you to open yourselves and be AWARE about Smart Parenting, Attachment Parenting and BW. So let me personally introduce you to the beautiful and blissful world of BW which made parenting easier & more fun! Plus, baby carriers are fun to collect! *wink*

What is Babywearing? 
FROM babywearinginternational.org

"Babywearing" simply means holding or carrying a baby or young child using a cloth baby carrier. Holding babies is natural and universal; baby carriers make it easier and more comfortable, allowing parents and caregivers to hold or carry their children while attending to the daily tasks of living. Babywearing helps a new dad put a fussy newborn to sleep. It allows a new mom use both hands to make a sandwich. It lets an experienced parent or caregiver carry a baby on her back and wash the dishes, do the laundry, take a hike, or weed the garden, all while keeping the baby safe and content.

The Benefits of Babywearing
FROM lalecheleague.org

Baby wearing is incredibly helpful in integrating baby into your daily life. You can interact with your baby throughout the day, breastfeed frequently, and still play with an older child and accomplish adult tasks. Babies benefit from spending time in the rich learning environment of the adult world. Parents feel more confident and less isolated. Baby wearing also makes the world more baby-friendlyAs Bill and Martha Sears explain: "When adults wear babies, we let our children know that babies are important and that they belong with their parents. We teach our children...that big people care for little people and that babies are fun to be around."  PLEASE READ MORE HERE.

Babywearing & Healthy Hip Positioning

DID YOU KNOW? Some types of baby carriers and other equipment may interfere with healthy hip positioning. So please check out the International Hip Dysplasia Institute website because they have series of drawings that demonstrate typical devices that allow healthier hip positioning in comparison to those which do not, including Car Seats, Baby Harnesses/Carriers, and Baby Slings.

Yes, again, there are baby carriers NOT RECOMMENDED for carrying or wearing your baby. This image from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute shows the importance of using a carrier that places a baby in a seated position (one on the right), and not hanging by their crotch (like that one on the left).

There are plenty of carriers that place baby in the correct position, including but not limited to ERGObaby (popular with celebs! But price is also so-celeb, at SM stores that’s 6k-8k pesos), Boba, Tula, K'tan, SaYa, as well as wraps (like Rai Tie, Maya wrap) and ring slings (Sakura Bloom, Next9, and my own quality but affordable ring slings that I'm selling within the Philippines. hehe, just email likhanisaosao@gmail.com for inquiries), as long as they are used correctly.

Baby Bjorn, Snuglis and Infantino front packs (like that carrier on the left) are NOT recommended, as well as those cheap-cost (below P500 baby harnesses) also called "crotch-dangler" carriers available at the malls which are not ergonomically structured for carrying a human baby. They make baby's body swaddle, dangle the legs or whatever that is really uncomfortable to both the baby and the wearer. Because it's NOT TIGHT enough to secure the baby into place (yes, BW has to be tight just right, not loose coz baby will move/swaddle and that might damage the spine or cause falls, so it's just NOT WEIRD if we carry our baby snuggly, that's the most frequent misconception I received so far). 

I have actually tried those cheap pre-made buckle carriers with my firstborn, when my Smart Parenting skills are not yet activated and Babywearing is an ALIEN word for me. And I just used it once. She had pilas on her singit and I kept hugging her with my two hands coz she was swaddling, moving to the sides, or whatever that's not helpful, as in

But with the recommended carriers and slings, I can even breastfeed while babywearing while window shopping and strolling at the malls, I was able to eat properly on restaurants, I can attend to my energetic firstborn child while being an attached parent to my youngest, I can put on my make-up while not worrying my baby has crawled down our stairs. It's a big help (again, emphasizing this) in my no-nanny full-time mom-of-two life. Thanks to babywearing-recommended carriers!


Just for fun and inspiration. Check out these Babywearing CELEBS!!! But note, not all celebs you see over the internet wear their babies properly. But these examples I will show you are my favorite, and I got them from this cool babywearing blog (www.carrymeaway.com) where they offer suggestions and advices if ever they did it incorrectly, tao lang po sila kahit artista. So, get star-strucked now and be inspired to babywear too!

Eric Dane Babywearing on Grey’s Anatomy
Watch the VIDEO CLIP here

Tisha Campbell Martin wearing a stretchy wrap

Honestly, they're my inspiration. The daddy-child bonding is just so sweet, 
and they are definitely HOT!
Orlando Bloom with son Flynn
NBA star Steve Nash wears baby Matteo
Cam Gigandet with daughter Everleigh Ray

Channing Tatum with OUR baby.
hahaha This is MY blog and I can do that! 

I hope you learned a lot. Got more interested and still curious? 
Remember, read read also if there's time.. ;)

Informative articles and answers to common babywearing questions from Dr. Sears.

Reasons why we need (and love) to babywear explained by The Natural Child Project.

Peer reviewed articles, scientific studies and analysis, historical precedent, cultural influence, and more from TheBabyWearer.com

From “Don’t you ever put that poor baby down?” to “My baby did just fine in a buggy”…here are some lovely suggestions for gentle responses to negative comments.

PS:  email likhanisaosao@gmail.com for inquiries

Lunes, Agosto 19, 2013

MOMMYDIARIES: Beating My Kadayawan Blues

Kadayawan... Festival, Feast, Festive.. But this 2013, I spent it asleep at home with my baby. Everybody else in the family, including my firstborn kid went out on their different trips to check out some 'kalingawan' (happenings) around and just celebrate the city's biggest festival. It's okay coz I'm learning to be a "home buddy" now. It's just that I (super duper) wanted to go to DavCon for The Great Kadayawan Trade Fair and Bazaar, to shop, eat, see my  friends' booths. Through the years, I always check-out the Trade Fair there but since it was cloudy/rainy and I'm all alone (with my baby), I didn't risked it. I also wanted to see my kid crush Daniel Padilla (haha, don't laugh, but I fancy him).  But it's okay. As long as I have eaten a lot of duryans at The Durian Festival! (haha). It's okay for me, really, although i am teasing myself for slightly pretending. I did this last year too, I was so pregnant, just behaved, but at least last year I had photos of some floral floats, exhibits, etc. This 2013 is kind of a "Rest Year" for me, if there's such a term.

But I still got to admit, a tiny part of me is screaming inside, that I hated it this way. When I was a student, it was a 'tragedy' for me if I'm on night/graveyard shift for hospital duty during kadayawan week. I see the Mall Sale spotlights calling me, the cheerful music outside and the text invites of friends partying & these are all killing me. It's kind of a big deal for me, yes, it's because Kadayawan for me is not just about shopping on sale galore, eating unli durian, or food tripping. Kadayawan Nights, as I call it, were the best nights of the year, well, for me. When I was younger, and a party animal too, kadayawan for me means being out with my gay friends, looking out for our favorite celebs on malls (it's a shame to admit but i dare to go w/ a stampede of fans just to get starstrucked.haha) and when the moon is up, I spend the entire night drinking out, bar hop with friends anywhere and i only go home during sunrise (mom wants me safe so she would prefer 6am than 2am. haha Yeah, cool mom!). I sleep all day and wake up with a hangover and freshen up a bit and do it all again. Young, wild, carefree. That's just me. Well, as for an UPDATE-- that 'was' me.

It WAS my life, way back when there's no Ace and no Coy Coy waiting for their mommy at home (but today, i could NEVER imagine life without them, EVER). Of course, along with my early pregnancy and marriage, I am aware of the consequence that my youth would not be fully shut-down in a blink of an eye so i had to double my effort to update/upgrade myself into a 'proper' mom & a wife. After I gave birth with firstborn daughter Ace, sometimes I pump and throw breastmilk after having a 'mommy break'. I did that silly thing just to go out to take a 'night off' from my new & strange job called motherhood, then just party, drink, smoke. I even hang out with guy friends (i used to pefer to be with dudes than girls) but with permission w/ hubby of course, who is the one watching over our baby at home. I dared to do those stuffs, really, (right now I can't also imagine myself that I was once like that but i do have evidences on my old Friendster photos. haha It's a different version of my latest self now.) Yeah, upgrade indeed coz years passed by, my urge to do those stuffs gradually decreased. I finally had the strength to decline (& endure doing that) the invites of my single friends. The last time I went out for a drink was during those nights I probably conceived my latest baby, Coy. That's around January last 2012. Hooray for me, I'm vices-free for 1.5 year and EBF is a major factor for my clean-living now. Yay!

I now find inspiration in the quote ''Sorry I suck as a friend, I'm too busy being an awesome mom.'' (hehe, it's cute!) Now that I fully embraced mommyhood and I see my gorgeous, gifted children, I say, there's always a Kadayawan, a party, a celebration some other time. And you beer, you can wait for me (wink) but this time, I'm a 'Family First' kind of gal and let's just have a feast on that.