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Huwebes, Enero 2, 2014

Hunger Games: Catching Meals (Extended Breastfeeder's Quest)

I am still nursing my 14 month old son and these past few weeks GRABE, I am getting more hungry than ever. Last year, i am hungry too but this time, i can't get full anymore. The word ''busog' is no longer in my vocabulary. Now i eat a lot, BIG FREQUENT FEEDINGS. I am very petite (5 feet tall, weighing only 36 to 40kg --that's my normal weight scale since teenage years and even until now at age 26 and have two kids) and i wanted to gain weight to be 'normal' in the eyes of the many (yeah, including you perhaps? Hehe). But even with my super big appetite and excessive eating, i just can't achieve my dream weight (but I do some excercises but just for toning my abs and butt for vanity puposes lang, hehe di naman siguro yun sobrang nakakapayat). I know many of you will tell me how lucky i am for not getting fat ever.

But my hunger is not so cool anymore, i literally live in the kitchen now, even my mouth get tired chewing. I spend the entire day eating and get a headache if i can't have a meal for maximum of only 3 hours after the last one. It's a challenge for me as a stay-at-home mom and i have no nannies for my kids so I usually struggle having the chance to prepare and eat lots of food like ALL the freaking time. I am also super thirsty. I am not pregnant, but my appetite is many many times bigger than during my pregnancies.

And coz i eat and drink a lot, I also pee and poop a lot (my normal bowel movement when I was a dalaga is twice a day, I just have an incredibly fast metabolism then ngayon dadagdagan pa ng more toilet sessions). I got worried I might be orally fixated or might have some metabolic or hormonal diseases. But I felt glad nasa popular google search ang 'excessive hunger during breastfeeding' and felt relieved to hear stories from other moms and discovered that i am not alone and I am just as normal as other extended breastfeeders.

I am just so amazed of how my body works just to provide the best snack drink (extended breastfeeding) for my toddler. God is a genius, He designed women's bodies to become nurturers of little earthlings, however difficult (and hungry) it takes. Nakakapagod man ang kumain ng kumain nang hindi nabubusog, and halos hihimatayin na ako sa 'starvation' na feeling (feeling ko lang yun, ang sikip na ng pants ko) if hindi makakain ng meal every now and then, OKAY lang basta para sa anak. At sana naman magka laman na talaga ako nito para maging voloptuous na ang aking stick-figure body! Hehe Let my real-life Hunger Games begin! ;)

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